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What can I expect from the photoshoots?

The shoots we work out during our bootcamps are well thought out. Nailia is in charge of the styling and we talk everything through before we head off to the destination. We look for models and real couples who fit the style we are planning on. When we are at the bootcamp location we scout the best places to realize our shoots. The stylists and planners are working together to create magic. When everything is set we start shooting! During the shoot we work in two groups, usually around five photographers per shoot. Everyone has time and space to create their perfect images. And of course there is a lot of time to learn and get inspired by each other.

Is the bootcamp in English?

Even though the team is dutch (and Russian), the bootcamp is in English. If you have a hard time understanding English, no problem! There is always someone available who can translate to dutch for you.

Do we have separate bedrooms?

You will have separate beds, but usually we have rooms that are for two or three persons.

If you want your own bedroom you can contact us, but this will have an effect on the cost.

Is this a technical workshop?

During the bootcamp there are photographers who are in different stages of the business. Some just started and others are already working as professional wedding photographers. We are not hosting a workshop where we are talking about things like 'how to shoot in manual'. But we always take time to talk about running a business. However during the bootcamp you can always ask Marije or Anouk for some technical advice. And we have learned that everyone is sharing their knowledge that they have with each other.

Is the transfer included?

With every bootcamp we arrange a transfer (from and to the airport) that is timed with the flights we suggest. If you book these flights we can assure the transfer. But ofcourse we will never leave you hanging and can always arrange a taxi for you if the times do not fit your schedule, but these costs are not included.

What if it is raining during the bootcamp?

We have worked in harsh conditions during our bootcamp in Iceland, Scotland an Norway (think ice, wind and rain). And we can create epic results even in these crazy situations. We have no problem working in the rain, snow or heavy winds. You should come prepared and bring good shoes and a raincoat if the weather forecast is bad. Because we won't stay in when it is raining!

Did not find the answer you were looking for? Send us an email to get it right away!

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