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Angie Peralta

She joined Iceland &  Capetown Bootcamp

Highly recommended Portfolio Bootcamp for professional photographers who are looking for an organised destination wedding shoot. I went to Iceland and Cape Town with this wonderful team.

They are really dedicated to their work. The location was amazing, the models very professionals and photogenic, the styling and props were so perfect you can immediately use your new work for your marketing.

I wouldn't hesitate to suggest this Bootcamp to anyone thinking of expanding their Destination Portfolio.

Mary Doumen

She joined Iceland & Capetown Bootcamp

I participated the Portfolio bootcamp in Iceland and South Africa, both experiences I can more than recommend.

Those days just pass by so quickly, but it gives you a whole load of bagage that is truly inspiring for your business and motivates you in doing what you love the most.

The organization was excellent, the locations amazing and most of all the company of the team and both photographers as stylist were great!

I still even meet up with some photographers to have a lovely day out, chat about our business, etc..

If you are looking to boost up your game, to find your way, to aim with your images to your desired clients. Well don’t hesitate and join them on the so many adventures that they have coming.

Michaela Auzinger

She joined The Netherlands Bootcamp

Absolutely worth it!

I was part of the Portfolio Bootcamp styling team in the Netherlands, and I can highly recommend it!! I met many talented, like-minded people, learned tons of new styling tricks, and the pictures that we created were stunning!

The ladies who organize these workshops are amazing, and all the other talented people (photographers, models, hair and makeup artist etc.) made this shoot come together so perfectly! I can highly recommend Portfolio Bootcamp if you want to expand your portfolio AND enhance your styling skills!!

Maaike Kolner

She joined Iceland & Capetown Bootcamp

Last year I attended for the second time Portfolio Bootcamp. First in Iceland 2 years ago and last year in South Africa. It was an amazing experience and everything was organized very well. The styling, models and locations were top!

The vibes were good and I got to know a lot of nice people from the wedding industry. It is an awesome workshop that I would highly recommend for those who want to expand their portfolio for destination weddings. Thank you Nailia and Marije for this beautiful experience and good care!

Renate van Dijk

She joined Iceland, Morocco

and South Africa

I’ve done more then 10 multi day wedding photography workshops now and Portfolio Bootcamp is the only one I’ve joined multiple times. I’ve been to Iceland, Morocco and South Africa with them and have also signed up to join them in El Médano later this year. What makes the Portfolio Bootcamp so brilliant is a number of things: 

they pick out the most awesome locations, the emphasis is on creating portfolio material (and PB is brilliant at catering versatile shoots that suit different types of editing and there’s always at least one couple shoot so no matter what your editing style is, you leave with at least two shoots that will be picture perfect in your portfolio), the shoots are diverse and often just enough out-of-the-box to be trendy, surprising and still usable for your portfolio (all at the same time), the team rock! (they’re very kind, fun, knowledgeable and caring), most attendees aren’t beginners so I always get to meet new photographers to collaborate with, the models are a mix of real couples and professional models (but are always stunning and diverse), they always take behind-the-scenes photos which they share with the attendees (great for Instagram) and last but not least a bootcamp always inspires me and renews my energy! 


The first time I came along was to Iceland and the team immediately impressed me with their ability to make the right choice in changing situations. Every workshop host (that hosts workshops abroad) has to deal with weather changes and unforeseen circumstances, but when you go to Iceland you will definitely run into multiple unexpected weather changes and road closures. The Portfolio Bootcamp team handled this swiftly, efficiently and brilliantly. 


After a busy destination wedding season you might think I would be done with travelling, but I find that the Portfolio Bootcamp gives me the freedom to experiment on things I want to try out (the number of attendees is always kept small), and being with fellow photographers always brings new insights into both my business and my photography. To me Portfolio Bootcamp is a combination of relaxing while doing what I love most in complete freedom.

Marielle Kokke

She joined Norway & South Africa

Already for the 2nd time I was allowed to join this great boot camp. It gave me an energy boost in my company. Sparring with fellow photographers, making new contacts and new visual material. In a beautiful location with beautiful styling, flowers and models. Definitely a must!

Janneke Tol.jpg

Janneke Tol

She joined the Tenerife Bootcamp

My time with Portfolio bootcamp was epic! Everything was so perfectly organized. All the information I received up front, travel organization, the food, a welcome card and even a little present when we arrived. The location where we stayed was so beautiful, there was nothing that I missed. 


I was nervous about going on a trip with a group that I have never met before. But everyone was so nice and I felt at ease right away. The Bootcamp team was very committed and thoughtfull. 


The shoots where als thought out perfectly. I loved the locations and the models. We were divided into two groups and had enough time to make our own shots. 

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